Gator’s Grill is Mid-Michigan’s Premier Caterer who specializes in Shabby Chic Entrée’s, all things Bacon, and is also Mid-Michigan’s Pig Roasting Authority. With our ‘He’s a little rustic, She’s a little formal’ menu you are sure to find what you’re looking for. Go see the item’s that have made our menu on our website and some pictures of our events on Facebook.
The She’s a little Formal menu will give you Entrée’s that will make your guest’s remember your event. Chef Christina has worked on creating and testing recipes for over 20 years. She takes great pride in preparing all items from scratch and works hard to create flavor profiles that have many layers of flavor and depth.
Our He’s a little Rustic menu explores the inner-caveman in all of us. Alright, everyone asks why we call ourselves Gator’s Grill. Back as a boy John was out camping and got stuck in the mud. When he finally returned to the campsite he heard one of the adults exclaim, “You look like you’ve been ‘rastlin Gator’s”. After a week of getting called Gator the name stuck, like Gator in the mud. Gator is an expert Grillmaster and Firekeeper who can handle both a low and slow smoke as well as the high heat of our large grills.
We’re a little different than what you’ve ever seen; we customize your menu, and your day, to make each experience uniquely individual and special. Our menu has been created by our client’s requests. If you want something that’s not on the menu…just ask for it! We love making your event special, one that everyone will love and remember, and we know we can do this for you.